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Change management tools designed by management professionals


A project management dedicated software collection
A web application suite featuring ERP, Online Collaboration, Document Management System, Web RTC communications, video conferencing and much more.

We don't aim to supply "just another accounting solution" although accounting is covered too. But we are focused on advanced analytics and tools to ease the management of everyday activities in an organization. The "formal accounting" is done for the government, the analytic accounting is done for the management. And it is done automatically as you manage your tasks, deliverables, products, plans, manufacturing orders, sale orders, purchase orders, ... following any change, managing any change.

It is as simple as that. As an example: if we want a project, program, portfolio or even entire WBS balance through the project phases, stages, milestones, time periods, we can have it, and we are not limited by the official accounting periods. It can be a month, several months, several years, and the cost/revenue distribution is always just as we want it.
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